Multi-Zone ResTraq

Qteq’s Multi-Zone ResTraq reservoir surveillance systems provide continuous, real-time measurements of wellbore pressure across one or more formations, from a single well. 

ResTraq’s multi-drop sensor technology platform is highly flexible, enabling a variety of pressure sensor types to be incorporated into a freely-configurable, modular and extendable system architecture.

ResTraq equipment selection is tailored to suit in-situ well conditions, with a broad menu of equipment options to choose from.

This pressure gauge architecture also easily integrates with multi-zone feed-through zonal isolation packers and other completions accessories, such as WEGs, Nipples, SSDs and Pump-Out Plugs. Multi-Zone ResTraq systems can be installed in both open hole and cased hole wells. 


• Reservoir depletion surveillance

• Coal seam drainage monitoring

• Production monitoring

• Interference testing

• Hydraulic fracture stimulation monitoring

• Monitor pressure transients during planned and unplanned shutdowns

Reservoir Monitoring, Environmental Monitor