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With our products and services we aim to deliver Smart sensors, Smart infrastructure and Smart solutions to characterise, digitalise & visualise resource development, environmental footprint, and to safeguard communities.

Our 4M capability (Measure, Monitor, Manage, Mitigate) is firmly imprinted in the DNA of our entire service offering.

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Data Management Platform

Qteq’s cloud-based Data Management platform enables the collection, centralisation and management ...

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Flooded Road Warning Networks

Close to 50% of all flood fatalities and 36% of all flood rescues in Australia are vehicle related. ...

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Remote Camera Systems

Qteq’s Remote Camera Systems give new meaning to the old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”. ...

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Smart Inundation Gauge (SmIG)

Fast flowing water (3 m/sec) just 15 cm deep can cause a small passenger vehicle to become unstable and ...

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Maintenance of your threat detection, environmental monitoring and infrastructure video streaming Sentinel systems is integral ...

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Flood Early Warning Systems

Qteq’s Flood Early Warning Systems acquire measurements from a range of Smart threat detection sensors and ...

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Mass Notification Solutions

Qteq’s cloud-based Central Control platforms process measurements transmitted by networks of our ...

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Remote Monitoring Stations

When functionality, accuracy and reliability are paramount, Qteq’s Remote Monitoring Stations are the system ...

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Build and Installation

All our Sentinel systems are carefully assembled by highly skilled instrumentation and controls engineers at our modern facility, through strict adherence ...

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System Design

Qteq specialises in the design of customised Disaster Mitigation & Alert systems, purpose-built at our facility to suit your exacting ...

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