Flooded Road Warning Networks

Close to 50% of all flood fatalities and 36% of all flood rescues in Australia are vehicle related.

Government campaigns aimed at increasing awareness of the dangers of driving on flooded roads, such as “If it’s flooded, forget it!”, have not significantly reduced the number of vehicle/flood related fatalities.

Qteq instead believe in the old aphorism “To be forewarned is to be forearmed”, and so has developed and activated a range of Sentinel solutions to provide real-time data monitoring of water levels at flood prone crossings.

By combining Qteq’s Smart flood detection sensors and vision streaming systems with intelligent signage, alert notification systems and secure cloud-based control systems, the information required to safely and effectively navigate flood events becomes widely available.

These dependable end-to-end solutions provide the actionable intelligence required to automatically control live traffic and broadcast road closure information to the public

Our flooded road warning networks are also able to activate a range of visible warnings and barriers at flooded crossings, including flashing beacons, variable message signs and boom gates.


  • Enhanced situation awareness

  • Flood and storm water drainage event measurement

  • Driver alert notification systems

  • Road closure warnings

Disaster Mitigation & Alert