We truly believe that you, as the owner of Sentinel systems, should have complete control over how they are maintained and operated.

To ensure you can make full use of system functionality, it is vital to have suitably trained and skilled staff operating and monitoring each system, after it has been installed and commissioned.

Empowering your team with the knowledge and confidence to operate Sentinel systems is a critical step in maximising the power of your data, and reducing the system’s ongoing running cost.

Qteq provides customised training programs for your staff, arming them with the resources and skills necessary to maintain your Smart infrastructure, and reduce any potential downtime, should minor issues arise.

All our training programs can be fully tailored to include classroom presentations, in-field instruction and an array of online training materials. Thanks to the modular structure of our training programs, your staff receive the instruction they need to safely and competently operate and monitor your Sentinel system.

Disaster Mitigation & Alert