Qteq’s TestPaq well integrity testing service makes it possible to verify seal integrity of wellheads that lack internal profiles to accommodate a back pressure valve.

The solution was initially developed for use in aquifer monitoring wells fitted with wellheads that have no tubing hangers.

It is quite common for this type of well to be instrumented with Qteq’s innovative Insert AquiTraq fluid level monitoring system, with some also equipped with the company’s AquiSample system; both of which can be deployed and retrieved without need for a workover rig.

The ability to also conduct wellhead integrity tests would enable the client to sole-source all testing and monitoring products and services from a single contractor, involving no additional headcount.

The system comprises an inflate packer run on micro coil and set inside casing just below the wellhead.

The spooling unit and wireline blow out preventer (BOP) system used to set the packer and pressure test the wellhead can be subsequently used to deploy Insert AquiTraq fluid level monitoring system, and/or AquiSample downhole sampling system.


  • Wellhead integrity testing

  • Identification of tubing leaks

Reservoir Monitoring