Remote Monitoring Stations

When functionality, accuracy and reliability are paramount, Qteq’s Remote Monitoring Stations are the system of choice to provide high quality and reliable situational data.

Our customised solutions can integrate a broad range of Smart sensors with a variety of wireless telemetry techniques to acquire, record and transmit measurements and system health diagnostics data direct to point of use.

Our Remote Monitoring stations make use of a modular, freely-configurable architecture that allow them to be easily customised to suit end user requirements, and permit integration of next-generation IIoT sensors to boost sensory perception.

These remote stations (Sentinels) are used for a variety of applications, where threat detection is not a requirement.


  • Surface Water Monitoring

  • Automatic water sampling

  • Water quality measurement

  • Level, flow & discharge

  • Bathymetric surveys

  • Ground Water Monitoring

  • Level & recharge

  • Water quality

  • Q-Tube AquiSample water sampling

  • Sampler controller

  • Soil Moisture Monitoring

  • Track water & solute movement

  • Monitor saturation levels

  • Gauge nutrient leaching

  • Assess contaminant flow

  • Automated Weather Stations

  • Temperature & humidity

  • Wind speed & direction

  • Atmospheric pressure & precipitation

  • Solar radiation & evaporation

Disaster Mitigation & Alert