Remote Camera Systems

Qteq’s Remote Camera Systems give new meaning to the old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Either in conjunction with other Smart sensors, or as a stand-alone Sentinel, our Remote Camera Systems provide vital actionable information to managers, emergency services stakeholders and the general public.

These Sentinel systems are typically positioned in locations vulnerable to the impacts of natural disasters. They provide enhanced situational awareness, through real‑time vision streams, enabling emergency services to deploy assets and resources efficiently, effectively and in a timely manner.

Motorised high-definition cameras are used to provide 360-degree selective vision. The cameras also incorporate edge processing to trigger event-based capture. Sensor data, health diagnostics and images acquired by all Qteq Sentinel systems are made available to end users, with a backup stored on a secure cloud-hosted data storage site.

Other camera features include night vision control to enable continuous monitoring and gathering of targeted evidence on a 24/7 basis. Qteq also offers the ability to combine real-time edge processing and cloud-hosted advanced data analytics to convert Big Data streams into Smart Data and actionable intelligence. This information is made available to end users, such as emergency services, via intuitive dashboards, using web-based data management platforms.

If installed as part of a larger network, or in conjunction with other Qteq Disaster Mitigation & Alert components, these cameras can play a crucial role in alerting and safeguarding communities from the effects of extreme weather events.


  • Enhanced situation awareness

  • Safety and alert of remote infrastructure and communities

  • Targeted evidence and monitoring

Disaster Mitigation & Alert