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Disaster Mitigation & Alert

QMats Access Solutions

QMats are a temporary environmentally sustainable and cost-effective access mat providing safe and stable site access for your vehicles and equipment.

The mats can ensure your project operations and site activities are not hindered by adverse conditions and help to keep your equipment moving. By reducing the risk of getting stuck or losing traction, safe passage for your vehicles and people is assured. 



  • Can save you money by maintaining your operations whilst reducing risk of damage to equipment, resulting in non-productive time.

  • Can provide a safer work area reducing ground hazards for personnel.

  • Are designed to protect the ground and provide safe movement of equipment and vehicles during rain events. 

  • Can assist with dust mitigation at sensitive work sites, thus helping to reduce respiratory risks to workers and the public.

QMats' unique engineering design provides flexibility and durability, making installs quick and easy. Contouring over uneven surfaces and taking on loads of up to 65T, the mats are constructed with flex weave bamboo FSC Forest Stewardship Council certified.

QMats complement industry movement towards environmental sustainability by helping reduce the carbon footprint.



• Oil and gas

• Rig sites 

• Access Roads

• Camps

• Pipeline

• Work and storage yards

• Mine sites

• Tailings ponds

• Wind Energy Projects

• Solar Farms

• Utilities

• Railroad

• Costal 

• Construction Sites

• Council Works

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