Q-Tube AquiSample

Groundwater is an essential resource for agricultural, municipal, industrial, stock and domestic use. Careful management of groundwater resources is essential to optimising the quality of social, environmental and economic life. Most groundwater is stored within porous strata, referred to as aquifers. Development and production of unconventional hydrocarbon resources can potentially interfere with those aquifers.

Qteq’s Q-Tube AquiSample sampling system is a low-flow system that eliminates the need for a submersible pump and can be set up to 2,000 m below ground. The system comprises a single BHA that is set at the sample intake depth. It is attached to a continuous twin-tube, or tube-in-tube, umbilical suspended at surface.

This simple architecture greatly improves system reliability and reduces installation complexity, and thus time. All system downhole functionality is incorporated into a compact and rugged BHA design, and manufactured from highest grade materials to maximise operating life.

The elegantly simple operating principle removes the need to impose an upper limit on sampling depth, with sampling time dictated by sample intake depth, relative to the standing fluid level. Furthermore, a novel deployment and suspension system has been developed that enables the Q-Tube AquiSample system to be set at the desired depth, using a truck, trailer or ute-mounted deployment technique.

Permanently installed systems also allow water samples to be subsequently captured without a need for further borehole interventions.

The combination of a rapid trailer- or ute-deployment capability, simple downhole architecture and long-term reliability of Q-Tube AquiSample systems greatly reduces capital and operational expenditure requirements.

The Q-Tube AquiSample HD system, for use in pressurised or deep boreholes, uses special strain relief adapters to ensure the nitrogen and sample HD Capillary Tubing are properly secured to the HD BHA. This tubing is reeled off a single spooling unit through an optional temporary PCE system, placed above a special design wellhead adaptor. Once the HD BHA is at the desired setting depth, the temporary PCE is removed and HD Capillary Tubing cut and anchored using a BOP split clamp arrangement inside the wellhead adapter. The umbilical is then routed through ports in a Bowen tree cap threaded onto the wellhead adapter to maintain complete well pressure integrity.

The Q-Tube AquiSample Lite system, for use in shallow boreholes, is suspended from surface using a support wire, with Lite Capillary Tubing installed from a secondary spooler. In non-pressurised boreholes the Q-Tube AquiSample Lite system is then terminated through pre-existing headworks flanges, using a Headworks Assembly.


  • Low flow fluid sampling compliant with regulatory requirements

  • Low disturbance fluid retrieval

  • Through-tubing or steel/PVC boreholes with minimum 50 mm internal diameter

  • In-situ long life application

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