Open Hole Logging

Included in our product & service offering is a full set of combinable Open Hole tools rated to oilfield specifications (165 °C, 20,000 psi).

We also offer an extensive selection of smaller diameter tools with lower temperature and pressure ratings. These tools are ideally suited for cost effective CSG logging operations and mineral, geotechnical, environmental and groundwater applications.

Many of the small diameter services have combined sensors that reduce the number of logging runs required to obtain a comprehensive set of formation evaluation data.

Qteq's extensive Open Hole Logging services include:

  • Acoustic Formation Imager (AFI)

  • Borehole Geometry Sonde (BGS)

  • Borehole Magnetic Resonance (BMR)

  • Compensated Neutron Tool (CNP)

  • Compensated Sonic Tool (CST)

  • Dual Density Combination Sonde (DDCS)

  • Dual Laterolog Tool (DLT)

  • Formation Evaluation Tool (FET)

  • Formation Sonic Sonde (FSS)

  • Four Arm Dipmeter Sonde (DMS)

  • Induced Polarisation (IP)

  • Lithology Density Tool (LDP)

  • Magnetic Susceptibility Sonde (MSS)

  • Micro Spherical Focused Tool (MST)

  • Neutron Deviation Resistivity Sonde (NDRS)

  • Optical Formation Imager (OFI)

  • Percussion Sidewall Cores (PSC)

  • Phased Induction / SFL Tool (PIT)

  • Spectral Gamma Ray (SGR)

  • Spectral Gamma Ray Telemetry Rm Tool (SGRT))

  • Three Arm Caliper (3CAL)

  • Wellbore Orientation Tool (WOT)

Wireline Logging