Multi-Zone AquiTraq

Groundwater is an essential resource for agricultural, municipal, industrial, stock and domestic users.

Careful management of groundwater resources is essential to optimising social, environmental and economic quality of life.

Most groundwater is stored in porous strata, referred to as aquifers. Development and production of unconventional hydrocarbon resources can potentially interfere with those aquifers and threaten quality of life for local humans and wildlife.

Qteq's AquiTraq downhole multi-node sensing technology enables continuous, long-term fluid level monitoring of one or more discrete aquifers from within a single borehole.

This provides an immediate indication of whether nearby hydrocarbon well drilling, completion or production operations are drawing down or invading groundwater and deeper aquifer resources.

AquiTraq's sensor technology platform integrates systems developed for harsh environment applications that have been adapted to provide long-term reliability at an affordable price point in more benign conditions encountered in aquifer monitoring boreholes.

The technology platform is also highly flexible, enabling a variety of pressure sensor types to be incorporated into a freely-configurable, modular and extendable system architecture.

This pressure gauge architecture easily integrates with multi-zone feed-through zonal isolation packers and other completions accessories, such as WEGs, Nipples, SSDs and Pump-Out Plugs


  • Monitor aquifer integrity

  • Delineate pressure variations between aquifers

  • Monitor for communication between aquifers

  • Conduct inter-well interference or pulse tests

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