Mass Notification Solutions

Qteq’s cloud-based Central Control platforms process measurements transmitted by networks of our broad range of threat detection and environmental monitoring Sentinels, to provide a comprehensive emergency alert system.

These Sentinels are installed at multiple disparate sites, vulnerable to natural disasters. This allows the Central Control platforms to construct detailed situational awareness of rapidly evolving potential impacts to infrastructure and communities.

To guarantee 24/7 reliability, the central control platform maintains absolute, fault-tolerant integrity over every level of physical hardware and geographic location.

The ability to maintain up-to-date situational awareness enables alerts to be communicated in a timely manner that can be quickly and easily seen, heard or read.

These alerts are issued through Qteq’s Mass Notification Solutions and can be tailored to cover specific buildings, complete facilities, or entire geographic regions.

The alerts can also be precisely targeted at indoor and/or outdoor sirens, variable message signs, loudspeakers, strobes, message boards, voice evacuation systems and a host of smart terminals and online media.

Qteq’s end-to-end disaster mitigation and alert solutions, linking Smart threat detection and environmental monitoring Sentinels, with cloud-based Central Control and Mass Notification platforms, are designed to save lives. They enable end users to safeguard the communities they serve.


  • Bushfire alerts

  • Cyclone alerts

  • Dam safety alerts

  • Flood warning alerts

  • Shark alerts

Disaster Mitigation & Alert