Insert AquiTraq

Qteq’s Insert AquiTraq downhole multi-node sensing technology enables continuous, long-term fluid level monitoring of one or more discrete aquifers from within a single borehole. The technology platform is highly flexible, enabling a variety of pressure sensor types to be incorporated into a freely-configurable, modular and extendable system architecture, tailored to suit well conditions.

The system architecture can be deployed through tubing, and without the aid of a workover rig. Insert AquiTraq systems can therefore be installed in existing boreholes and wells.

This retrofit capability is made possible through use of an innovative capillary suspended system mounted on top of the wellhead. A bottom hole assembly toolstring, housing one or more downhole pressure gauges, is lowered on the end of one or more tubing encapsulated conductor (TEC) cables. This specially armoured TEC cable is spooled from a hydraulic spooling unit to the target sensing depth.

Once at setting depth, the TEC cable is anchored in the capillary suspension system, cut and then terminated into a Wellhead Outlet (WHO), sealed in a port through the Termination Cap.

This rig-less capability can be significantly more cost-effective than conventional, rig-deployed, permanently installed pressure-monitoring systems.


  • Monitor aquifer integrity

  • Delineate pressure variations between aquifers

  • Monitor for communication between aquifers

  • Conduct inter-well interference or pulse tests

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