Flood Early Warning Systems

Qteq’s Flood Early Warning Systems acquire measurements from a range of Smart threat detection sensors and vision streaming systems. They can also employ a variety of wireless telemetry techniques and communication protocols to relay actionable data and issue alerts direct to key stakeholders.

A wide range of environmental parameters can be monitored, including velocity, water level and rainfall.

These measurements, together with live video stream and still images, are transmitted using various transport protocols:

  • Cellular Networks

  • Distributed Mesh Networks

  • IoT Network topologies

  • Radio (VHF, UHF & Microwave)

  • Satellite

Our Flood Early Warning stations make use of a modular, freely-configurable, architecture that allow them to be easily customised to suit end user requirements, and permit integration of next-generation IIoT sensors to boost sensory perception.

The architecture also facilitates upgrade pathways (future proofing) to extend useful operating life and expand sensory capabilities.

As a result of this continuing process of innovation and integration, Qteq’s Flood Early Warning Systems are helping to combat the effects of the increasing number and severity of extreme weather events.


  • Enhanced situation awareness

  • Flood and storm water drainage event measurement

  • Driver and emergency services alert notification systems

  • Road closure warnings

  • Safeguard critical infrastructure and communities

Disaster Mitigation & Alert