Qteq’s eLiteTraq combines optical distributed sensing technology, with end-point electronic pressure gauge technology, into a common architecture. This integration of optical and electronic sensor platforms enables eLiteTraq systems to be deployed on a single hybrid optoelectrical tubing encapsulated cable.

This hybrid cable incorporates an electrical wire, single mode (SM) and/or multimode (MM) optical fibres, with a number of each fibre type being freely configurable.

At surface, the hybrid cable is sealed in a novel pressure-testable hybrid splitter assembly attached to the wellhead. The electrical wire and optical fibres are terminated into separate conventional electrical and fibre optic wellhead outlets (WHO). These WHOs are mounted on each arm of the hybrid splitter assembly, with each one also being pressure-testable.

The eLiteTraq platform enables FibreTraq distributed temperature sensing (DTS) and distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) to be combined with either a ResTraq digital pressure gauge, or a PumpTraq analogue pressure gauge. DTS and DAS use MM and SM optical fibres respectively, with an electrical wire used to power the pressure gauge.

The pressure gauge, SM fibre end terminations and MM fibre MiniBend connections are incorporated into a single downhole assembly. This assembly incorporates several pressure test ports to verify seal integrity of the electrical cable head and fibre termination/splice chamber.

The eLiteTraq architecture significantly reduces supply and installation costs, as well as operational complexity, when compared to the conventional practice of installing electronic permanent downhole pressure gauges and optical DAS/DTS on separate cables.


Reservoir Monitoring