Data Management Platform

Qteq’s cloud-based Data Management platform enables the collection, centralisation and management of a wide assortment of sensor measurements, health diagnostics data and video streams.

Using advanced data analytics, these platforms ingest, aggregate and process Big Data into Smart Data and actionable intelligence. Real-time visualisations of results are made available through web-based intuitive, configurable dashboards.

Access to situational awareness from this single ‘portal of truth’ is proven to streamline and improve decision making, resulting in more effective disaster management. Emergency services and first responders are then able to better protect infrastructure and safeguard communities.

dataOnline is the only platform capable of integrating video streams with sensor data from IoT devices and other API data sources. The platform is owned and operated securely in Australia on a layer 2 private data network, offering unheralded data security.

dataOnline offers a clutter free interface, with easy to configure online toolsets, that provide users the power to create and assign spatial information to their data projects.

The platform is designed and built to be easily integrated into any cloud-based web platform, SCADA system, disaster dashboard or Incident Management System (IMS), ensuring you can access your data when and where you want it, in the manner suitable for your organisation.

Qteq’s Data Management Platform also links seamlessly to our Mass Notification Solutions, enabling time-critical early warnings and alerts to be precisely targeted to those at potential risk from localised impacts of natural disasters.

Platform features

  • Combine CCTV, data and other services on one platform

  • Powerful online toolsets for data exploration and management

  • System as a Service (SaaS)

  • Scalable, pay-as-you-go pricing

  • Event-based alerts

  • Advanced platform agnostic integrations

  • Ingest data from anything and export to anywhere

Security features

  • Hosted on a secure private network infrastructure

  • Best-in-class Australian data centres

  • Two-factor authentication

CCTV Streaming features

  • Stream & record live on demand

  • Event triggered recording

  • Publish live to the public via website Widgets or Apps

  • Advanced analytics and insights


  • Enhanced situation awareness

  • Direct emergency services and first responders

  • Safeguard communities and infrastructure

Disaster Mitigation & Alert