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Step-Rate Pumping Test of Artesian Well using AquiTest

We recently provided #AquiTest step-rate pumping test services of an artesian well to assess hydraulic conductivity and transmissivity of an intersecting aquifer system – parameters key to understanding the flow potential of groundwater in the aquifer.

For this particular test, we were nominated as lead contractor, with Qteq needing to appoint a dedicated Site Safety Manager (SSM), on behalf of the client.

Under the relevant state regulations, the SSM is responsible for site inductions, compliance of all Qteq and 3rd party personnel with standard operating procedures (SOPs) and emergency operating procedures (ERPs), ensure all necessary first aid and safety equipment is available and adequately maintained, and oversee general #HSSE aspects of all activities undertaken during execution of the AquiTest service.

Setup of AquiTest for Step-Rate Pumping Test services at artesian well

To qualify as lead contractor, the client conducted an extensive audit of our QMS and HSSE systems, test-specific HSEMP and safe work program, as well as thorough inspections of all AquiTest equipment and site vehicles.

The step-rate test, involving use of an #ESP to achieve different discharge rates, with both surface and downhole conditions monitored and recorded in real-time, was completed successfully, on-time, and without any incidents. High quality data was also acquired that yielded actionable intelligence on aquifer deliverability.

The introduction of the AquiTest service is intended to complement Qteq’s other rig-less groundwater monitoring products and services, including Insert AquiTraq standing water level monitoring system and Q-Tube AquiSample low-flow groundwater sampling system.

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