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Qteq Introduces new AMO Function

Andrew Clemence has recently been promoted to the newly created position of Assembly, Maintenance and Overhaul Manager.

As a result of Qteq Pty Ltd’s diversification and pivot towards #EnvironmentalSolutions, we have experienced significant changes to our portfolio of products and services, with many now involving in‑house assembly, maintenance and overhaul (AMO) of equipment.

Also, as a consequence of the early adoption and rapid uptake of some of our new systems, e.g. Q-Fi wireless downhole pressure monitoring systems, and the recent sizeable contract awards for flood monitoring systems, Qteq anticipates the AMO workload across a number of its product lines and business units to grow substantially in the very near term.

For those of you who know Andrew, it will be self-evident that he is eminently qualified to embrace this new role, and also deserving of the promotion too.

For everyone who hasn’t met Andrew yet, you will realise very quickly why Qteq Management picked him for this new position.

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