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Qteq: First and Foremost a Service Company

Qteq recently completed a large scope of work for a state government environmental monitoring project.

The works included the supply and installation of groundwater sampling pumps across a number of remote and difficult to access sites.

Upon completion of the project Qteq was delighted to receive a perfect score Customer Service Report, as well as the following comments from the Project Principal:

“In my opinion Qteq provided a fit for purpose solution for the contract in a timely manner under difficult circumstances. Site access was restricted due to bushfires, wet weather and border closures due to COVID19. Qteq endeavoured at all times to meet the contractual requirements.”

Often, service companies can become bogged down in technology and price competition. And whilst striving to deliver the right technical solutions at the best price is no doubt incredibly important, service quality and customer focus can often fall down the priority list.

At Qteq, we pride ourselves on ensuring our customer comes first. We listen. We learn. We Innovate & We deliver.

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