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Q-Fi EMT PumpTraq Wireless Technology

Updated: Feb 17

CSG industry adoption rate of our Q-Fi® EMT PumpTraq wireless Permanent Downhole Gauge (PDHG) technology continues to grow.

This growth is mostly driven by the impressive track record of system reliability established since product launch 2 years ago.

Recently, Qteq installed its deepest Q-Fi system, with sensing depth at ~1,100 m.

We have also installed a number of Q-Fi systems that use a "Data-on-Demand" variable data time. This mode ensures end-users get bottom hole pressure data when they need it most, while also maximising battery life.

Qteq's wireless Q-Fi technology offers many technical and commercial benefits over conventional wired PDHG systems.

For more information about our Q-Fi EMT PumpTraq system, read the attached System Specification Sheet (SSS).

SSS Q-Fi EMT PumpTraq
Download PDF • 162KB


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