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FWIN Project Kick-off

We are extremely proud to contribute significant equipment and expertise to Queensland Reconstruction Authority's $8M Flood Warning Infrastructure Network (#FWIN) as part of the $242M Category C and D Disaster Recovery Funding arrangements (DRFA) package.

Work on this vital #infrastructure project kicked off in #Townsville in the first week of October and once completed will provide flood warning capabilities from Mackay, west to Diamantina, and north through to the Gulf of Carpentaria and Cape York (see QRA LinkedIn announcement below).

This major investment will ensure local councils and residents will be able to suitably respond to the effects of weather events and help mitigate the potential damage caused by such events.

Qteq Pty Ltd is looking forward to collaborating with the various parties involved at all levels of national, state and local government, and through #teamwork bring this massive project to a successful completion.

#Australia #Environment #EnvironmentalStewardship

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