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Replacement of 7-year-old Fluid Sampling System

Updated: Feb 17

We recently completed the successful retrieval of a 7-year-old fluid sampling system from an aquifer quality monitoring well for one of our Surat Basin, QLD, clients.

Following retrieval of the old system, Qteq Pty Ltd converted the well into a two-zone monitoring well, with downhole gauges positioned across two aquifers to track long term aquifer recharge.

The entire work project scope was completed with only 2 weeks' notice.

During the rapid planning phase, Qteq was able to devise a suitable completion design, propose appropriate equipment, and guide the equipment qualification processes.

Throughout the project, Qteq worked closely with the client to deliver a fit-for purpose solution, ensure right-first-time installation, in a timely manner, using best practices.

As a result of meticulous planning the ultimate onsite retrieval and recompletion was carried out in less than 48 hrs.

Despite the very short notice, Qteq was able to fast-track our client's needs using equipment from stock held locally in Toowoomba.

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