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Brian Miller Joins Qteq Board

Environmental Technology services provider Qteq Pty Ltd announced today that seasoned businessman Brian Miller has agreed to join the Qteq Board as its 3rd Non-Executive Director.

Mr Miller recently helped steer Australian company K2fly (ASX:K2F), a software firm with a strong SaaS (Software as a Service) and DaaS (Data as a Service) platform for Technical Assurance, Resource and Mineral Governance, delivering Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) outcomes, to a successful IPO.

Brian Miller - Non-Executive Director
Brian Miller Joins Qteq Board

Qteq Founder and Executive Chairman Simon Ashton, welcomed Mr Miller to the Qteq Board, commenting “We are delighted that Brian has chosen to join our board, bringing with him his ASX listed company history as a CEO, along with a deep knowledge of how ESG is reshaping the Energy and Resources industry.”

Mr Ashton continued “This is particularly vital for Qteq as we execute our strategic business pivot, focused on putting the ‘E’ into our clients’ ESG and realigning our business model to encompass both SaaS and DaaS within the context of our wireless Q-Fi technology transition.”

When asked to comment on his appointment to the Qteq Board, Mr Miller said “Qteq’s desire to further develop and expand its Environmental Stewardship services portfolio allows me to leverage my extensive IT experience to help push Australian businesses to achieve their ESG goals.”

Mr Miller continued “With ESG playing an increasingly important role in companies’ acceptance as a preferred trading partner, Qteq has been at the forefront of positive environmental developments in the water, energy and minerals industries since its inception in 2017 and I am extremely proud to have been asked to join the company’s board.”

Qteq CEO Ewan Meldrum shares the board’s enthusiasm for Mr Miller’s appointment saying “When we acquired Prospect Environmental in late 2020, Qteq shifted gear by adding Disaster Mitigation & Alert services to its suite of products and services, further increasing our environmental credentials.”

“With the addition of Mr Miller to our board, we are assured of additional in-depth ESG knowledge and experience to take us to the next level and help Qteq and its customers achieve Net Zero emissions in ‘our’ industries by 2050.”

As the company continues to grow its product and service offering aimed at helping customers improve their environmental footprint, so too do the ESG outcomes for its customers.

Mr Ashton concluded by saying “This is going to be a very exciting time to be in the Environmental Technology space and we are certainly looking to accelerate Qteq’s growth, attract further investment and broaden our portfolio.”

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