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Successful field trial of "Wireless EMT PumpTraq" completed

31 October 2018 at 2:00:00 pm

Georesources technology company Qteq Pty Ltd announced this week that it has successfully completed a field trial of a next-generation wireless subsurface pressure monitoring system in a coal seam gas (CSG) production well. This success is the first to emerge under the exclusive technical and commercial partnership announced a month ago between Qteq and GEO Pressure Systems International Inc. (GEO PSI), a leading provider of specialist downhole monitoring solutions.

Qteq has already established itself as a global leader for the installation of subsurface pressure monitoring systems, with over 6,000 systems installed in CSG wells to help minimise the frequency of CSG well workovers and optimise gas production. These systems use an armoured instrument cable that extends from the wellhead to the downhole pressure sensor to power the device and to transmit pressure data to surface. The new wireless system, however, is battery powered and employs electro-magnetic telemetry to transmit pressure data from the downhole sensor to a surface receiver.

“The successful outcome of the field trial stems directly from both companies’ deep understanding of wireless telemetry techniques and electromagnetic (EM) propagation theory in subsurface environments, and expertise in sensor and telemetry technologies,” stated Qteq Chief Innovation Officer, Quentin Morgan.

“Prior to the trial a significant amount of time was spent leveraging this theoretical knowledge to design an EM bottom hole assembly that optimised the transmission of a wireless EM signal in cased hole CSG wells.”

Mr Meldrum, Qteq’s Chief Operating Officer, enthused “The new wireless subsurface pressure monitoring solution has huge operability benefits for our CSG clients and enables them to acquire downhole pressure measurements in CSG wells that are to be recompleted under surface pressure,

“Furthermore, the elimination of armoured instrument cable and associated accessories will improve overall system reliability and enable our clients to complete CSG wells more quickly, and more safely,” Mr Meldrum added.

Nick Nazarovs, GEOPSI Asia Pacific Business Development Manager stated “The fast track development and adaption of this already successful EM technology platform has shown the collaborative engineering power that both companies bring to the partnership. The current EM technology staircase illustrates our ability and commitment to quickly move from the MKI technology platforms through to versions MKII, MKIII and MKIV.

“Our highly successful EM trial has been supported strongly by a major CSG operator in Queensland. We are thankful for this support and look forward to further successful near-term EM developments.”

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