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Qteq's crew gets off to a flying start Copy

30 June 2017 at 2:01:00 pm

With its registered office in Brisbane and its operations based out of Toowoomba, Qteq has a team of more than 50 highly trained personnel already working for clients across a range of georesources industries.

Qteq’s Chief Operating Officer, Ewan Meldrum, said the new entity was entering an established market with a mature, recognisable and reliable service.

“We already have the industry and supplier connections and we’re widely known for our ability to deliver valuable economic and environmental innovations for our clients, no matter what the challenge,” Mr Meldrum said.

“Our georesources clients operate in the onshore oil and gas, coal seam gas and groundwater sectors and our ability to deliver high-volume, low-cost solutions, safely, is well-established.”

With its operations base located in Toowoomba and headed by Adam Fitz-Henry, Qteq starts its corporate life as one of the nation’s leading suppliers of products, services and expertise that facilitate surveillance of underground water and energy resources.

“Our team is already widely known as world leaders in downhole monitoring,” Mr Fitz-Henry said.

“We install leading-edge equipment that automatically measures and uploads critical data so that clients can monitor what’s happening below the surface in real time, whether that be water or pressure levels or testing for the presence of contaminants.

“What distinguishes us in this market is that we are able to engineer clever georesources solutions where others simply see obstacles.

“That’s because our team can draw on a wealth of technology, expertise and deep industry knowledge and we are not afraid to think outside the square when confronted with a challenge.

“I guess that’s because many of us are locals, born and bred here in a community that fosters innovation, imagination and adaptation like no other.

“While most of our products are sourced internationally, we package, re-engineer and make them industry- and price-appropriate right here in Toowoomba. “And, as our clients know, we have inherited an enviable reputation for health and safety, both on-site and in our workshop.”

Mr Meldrum said Qteq’s executives were already busy forging new, global business partnerships.

“We are looking to expand our footprint across Australia’s georesources industries and, in due course, overseas.”

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