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Q-Fi Wireless Pump-Off Monitoring in Coal Seam Gas (CSG) Wells

31 March 2020 at 2:01:00 pm

Qteq's Q-Fi PumpTraq technology has been successfully deployed in multiple CSG wells. These systems transmit bottom hole pressure and other in-situ parameters, using wireless telemetry to a surface receiver. The receiver also gathers a host of system performance and health diagnostics.

The oldest of the Q-Fi installations functioned reliably throughout its 9-month operating life. More recent installations with improved power management will operate for up to 2 years. Upcoming installations will make use of a more sophisticated ‘data on demand’ transmission mode that can extend system operating life by several years. Operators can now order the Q-Fi PumpTraq systems to replace current hardwired downhole pressure gauges, with the following immediate benefits:

  • Improved Safety – No hands-on-pipe, and no cable spooling

  • Reduced Costs – Shorter workovers and no more fishing for cable

  • Reduced Waste – System is fully reusable with no more land fill of waste cable

  • Improved Reliability – system is positioned away from rod string vibration

  • Live workovers – Can be deployed using workover rigs

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