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Just what does "georesources" actually mean?

1 July 2017 at 2:02:00 am

The term ‘georesources’ refers to all geological resources that serve as the basis for life in modern-day society, including groundwater, mineral resources, coal, oil, gas and alternative energy sources.

Responsible and sustainable georesource production is a fundamental necessity to maintain society and to ensure it will flourish into the future.

Qteq’s clients are spread across the onshore oil and gas, coal seam gas, (conventional and unconventional) energy, groundwater, hard rock mining and solution mining fields.

The company specialises in installing equipment and technology that revolutionises subsurface gas and groundwater monitoring.

Chief Operating Officer Ewan Meldrum said Qteq supplied high-volume, low-cost gauges and monitoring equipment that give clients a real-time understanding of what is happening below ground.

“That data is either read at the surface or fed up to the cloud and instantaneously available to the client so that gas or water levels, or contaminants, can be detected and any issues addressed quickly,” Mr Meldrum said.

“We’re all about delivering unheard-of economic and environmental advantages for our clients and this data is invaluable for the effective and responsible management of georesources.”

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