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CSG well workover rates reduced with new technology

31 October 2018 at 2:01:00 pm

Leading georesources company Qteq Pty Ltd has entered into an exclusive distribution and engineering development agreement with submersible pumping system innovator Hansen Downhole Pump Solutions AS (Hansenpumps).

Qteq will be the sole provider of SureQ Smart Pump rod-less submersible, reciprocating positive displacement pumps across Australia and New Zealand, with considerable focus on the Queensland coal seam gas (CSG) market.

Hansenpumps CEO Henning Hansen said the agreement combined Hansenpumps’ deep understanding of artificial lift technologies and renowned expertise in development of well completions technologies, with Qteq’s world class service delivery and field engineering resources.

“The patented rod-less pump technology, with unique inverted pump chamber, has been designed to specifically address the challenge of lifting solids-laden water encountered in many CSG production wells” said serial-inventor and Hansenpumps CEO Henning Hansen.

“The high solids content, together with well-known mechanical wear problems caused by rotating or reciprocating rod strings, is limiting run lives of traditional pump types in CSG wells, and in some cases, is also leading to loss of well completion integrity.

“Also, rod pumps suffer from environmental pollution, and we are focused on providing better solutions for the environment.”

Qteq CIO Quentin Morgan said the collaboration was yet another example of Qteq’s investment in global innovative thinking.

“The commercialisation of the SureQ Smart Pump in the coming months will help our clients drive down CSG well workover frequency and equipment replacement costs at a price point that is responsive to financial pressures.

“We have also designed a technology staircase of new and enhanced pump performance capabilities to be rolled out at regular intervals into the future.”

The Queensland CSG sector will be one of the first regions to benefit, with Qteq’s Toowoomba facility to include a flow loop that will demonstrate performance of the SureQ Smart Pump, Qteq COO Ewan Meldrum said.

“Our aim is to upgrade the Toowoomba facility to be our Global Centre of Excellence and home to a SureQ Smart Pump assembly, testing, strip down and inspection division,” Mr Meldrum said.

“This investment in the Queensland CSG sector will result in new high-value jobs and local procurement, manufacturing and design opportunities.”

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