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About Qteq

Qteq is a privately held company, that aims to improve resource exploration and production outcomes, enable clients to meet social and environmental obligations, and safeguard communities and assets from the impacts of weather events.

We do so by constantly capitalising on the emergence of disruptive technologies, such as IIoT intelligent sensors, wireless network connectivity, cloud-based data storage and advanced data analytics.

With our 4M ‘strategy’ we aim to measure (characterise) and monitor (track changes to) the surface and subsurface domains, derive and manage actionable intelligence and mitigate impact of extreme weather events.

Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission
To Measure, Monitor, Meter, Manage & Mitigate all things water (5M).

Our Vision
To drive the transition to automation of Surface and Subsurface environmental stewardship, centered around water integrity, utilising traditional data and visual data analytics, in real-time.


Our Values

Qteq identifies with guiding principles that define the behaviour of our company and our people. Our employees are assessed in part on their commitment to these values in their daily work.

Responsibility & Sustainability

Responsible, sustainable resource exploration & production, coupled with environmental safeguards, is essential to sustain society and to ensure it flourishes in the future.

Qteq has committed to act responsibly towards our customers, employees, shareholders, financial backers, business partners and our wider network of suppliers, as well as the communities with whom we work.

This commitment is encoded in our DNA, and the principles of excellence, safety and quality are exemplified in our solutions. That’s because we understand that responsible actions are vital to sustaining our own social licence to operate.

Our portfolio of Smart products, systems and services is therefore targeted at automating value creation, spotlight compliance with regulatory mandates and corporate ESG goals and objectives, and provide situational awareness of weather events.

Engineering Design & Manufacture

Qteq’s Engineering team pioneered the development of a rig-less deployed suspended sampling and monitoring architecture. The architecture supports a combination of electronic and fibre optic sensors, as well as different sampling pumps.

More recently, the team pioneered development of the Q-Tube AquiSample system that has no downhole moving parts, no depth limitation, and requires much less drive gas to obtain representative samples.

Qteq has also been collaborating with technology partners to introduce a range of wireless downhole monitoring systems.

These breakthrough wireless Q-Fi systems increase accessibility to critical downhole measurements in environments where conventional wired systems cannot be used. They also reduce deployment safety risk, waste and life-of-well monitoring costs.

Today, the engineering design team is engaged in expanded capabilities of the Q-Fi technologies, and the functionality and sophistication of disaster mitigation and alert systems.

Management System Accreditation

Qteq actively pursues the achievement of recognised and accredited business practices.

By adopting the best practices as set out in the various management systems, Qteq aims to protect the health and safety of its business, employees and that of its clients, trading partners and other stakeholders.


Currently, Qteq has achieved and maintains the following accreditations:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System

  • ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety Management System

ISO Accredications.png
ISO Accreditation
GEO PSI Certificate of Representation -
GEO PSI Technology Partnership

Geo Pressure Systems Inc. (GEO PSI), a Calgary-based technology innovator, is an industry leader in design and manufacture of downhole electronic reservoir, production and completions monitoring solutions.

GEO PSI has invested heavily in R&D of a wide range of rugged and reliable sensor technologies, which are manufactured to a very high quality under very stringent Quality Assurance programs.


Thousands of permanent monitoring systems have been supplied through Qteq as their preferred Australia partner.

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