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Qteq prides itself on being a forward thinking, innovative company with strong research and engineering departments.

The Qteq technical portfolio is diverse, and we implement regular updates and improvements to our existing service and product offering.

The ongoing introduction of the latest innovations to our sensor technology, and hardware and software, ensures we can continue to offer cutting edge technologies to our clients in the Resources & Disaster Management industries.

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Case Study

Combined Micro-Coil TestPaq & AquiTraq Service reduces OPEX and HSE Risk Profile

Logging Units


Full Wireline Logging & Intervention services catalogue

Q-Tube AquiSample

System Specification

Qteq's low-flow downhole sampling system eliminating need for a submersible pump. The system can be set up to 2,000 m below ground.

Build & Installation Services

System Specification

Qteq's bespoke build and installation services

Data Management Platform

System Specification

Qteq's cloud-based Data Management platform for central data processing


System Specification

Qteq's well integrity testing service enabling verification of seal integrity of wellheads that lack internal profiles for back pressure valve.

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