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Qteq Pty Ltd was founded on the premise that data-driven process and workflow automation drive value creation for the energy, minerals and water industries.

We also understand the importance of providing situational awareness to automate environmental stewardship and safeguard communities from the impacts of weather events.

That’s why we focus on engineering Smart sensors to characterise, digitalise & visualise resource development and environmental footprint.

Qteq also provides enhanced situational awareness through Smart infrastructure. Our Sentinel systems help to safeguard assets and communities prone to extreme weather events.

We deliver practical, reliable and affordable solutions, spanning the entire value chain, to resource industries, environmental regulators and communities. Contact Qteq today to see how we can 4M your needs.

Flooded Road Signage
Gauge Installation
Environmental Monitoring Station
Water Well Operations
Field Operations
Downhole TEC Cable
Toowoomba Warehouse
Wireline Logging & Intervention
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