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Qteq plays a vital role in the responsible development of energy, minerals and water resources, minimising extractive environmental impacts, and safeguarding communities from natural disasters.

About Us

Qteq Pty Ltd was founded on the premise that data-driven process and workflow automation drive value creation for the energy, minerals and water industries.

We also understand the importance of providing essential insights, on a real-time basis, to automate environmental stewardship.


That’s why we focus on engineering Smart Sensors and Sentinel Systems to characterise, digitalise & visualise resource development and environmental footprint.


Live data from these Smart systems is also used to measure corporate environmental social governance goals that enhance extractive industries' social license to operate.

Qteq also provides enhanced situational awareness through Smart infrastructure. These Sentinel systems process Big Data from Smart Sensors into Smart Data that is used to alert and protect communities from the impacts of natural disasters.

Our 4M Capabilities

Wireline Logging & Intervention

  • Open Hole logging

  • Cased Hole logging

  • Logging Data solutions

  • Logging units


Environmental & Reservoir Monitoring

  • Fibre Optic sensors

  • Electronic sensors

  • High Temperature sensors

  • Wireless sensors

  • Water sampling

  • Surface & Downhole systems


Actionable Intelligence

  • Data management platforms

  • Data interpretation services

  • Alert notification management


Disaster Mitigation & Alert

  • Flood warning systems

  • Mass notification solutions

  • Remote camera systems

  • Remote monitoring stations

Industries & Markets

  • Oil & Gas

    Long term monitoring of oil and gas well production and reservoir depletion is essential to maximising recovery factors. The harsh in-situ conditions impose the need for rugged downhole sensor designs with proven reliability. A wide variety of sensor types, architectures and deployment methods is required to support a broad range of applications.

  • CSG

    The responsible and efficient production of unconventional natural gas, from coal, requires bespoke, fit-for-purpose innovative characterisation, monitoring, completions and remediation systems. These need to be available in high volumes, at an affordable price, without compromising ruggedness or reliability.

  • Mining

    A variety of mining techniques is used to extract valuable minerals, usually found in ore bodies, lodes, veins, seams, reefs or placers. High grading deposits involves extensive geophysical logging of exploration bores and blast holes. Furthermore, geotechnical surveys are needed to monitor slope stability and tailing dams.

  • CCS

    Carbon sequestration through injection of CO2 in deep underground rock formations requires extensive monitoring. Sensors are needed to identify suitable disposal formations, characterise injection conditions, map in-situ migration of CO2 plumes, monitor long term integrity of geological traps, and verify mechanical integrity of injection wells.

  • Groundwater

    Hydrogeology studies play a critical role in locating, quantifying, protecting and managing allocation of dwindling groundwater supplies. These studies involve geophysical characterisation of aquifers and aquitards, acquiring water samples for quality analysis and long-term monitoring of water levels.

  • Disaster Mitigation

    Climate change is increasing the severity and frequency of extreme weather events. These events can cause natural disasters, such as floods and bush fires, that pose a risk to the environment, infrastructure, communities and ecosystems. Prone areas require smart, ubiquitous monitoring and early warning systems to mitigate disaster impacts.

Product Lines

  • Disaster Mitigation

    & Alert

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Reservoir


  • Wireline Logging

    & Intervention

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